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Orthodontic Treatments in North Vancouver

Your North Vancouver Orthodontist at Lynn Valley Orthodontics and Family Dentistry is proud to offer a full suite of orthodontic treatment options for patients of all ages and orthodontic healthcare needs! Our talented orthodontists are passionate about continuing education, which is why we continue to expand our service offerings to include a wide range of teeth-moving solutions.

Whether you need braces, or clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign, our North Vancouver orthodontists can create a customized treatment plan to suit your unique needs because we understand that no two mouths are alike. Our skilled orthodontists will assess your mouth at our conveniently located clinic, and determine the most effective and efficient approach to your orthodontic health while keeping your lifestyle requirements in mind.

Start Your Journey to a Straighter Smile at Lynn Valley Orthodontics

We want our patients to see themselves the way we see them: naturally beautiful and confident! If you are self-conscious about your smile, book an appointment at Lynn Valley Orthodontics and Family Dentistry to discuss your orthodontic options and get started on your journey towards a smile you can be proud of.

Diamond+ Invisalign Provider in North Vancouver

Diamond Plus Provider Gone are the days of relying on bulky metal braces as the only way to correct your crooked smile! Lynn Valley Orthodontics and Family Dentistry, home to your North Vancouver orthodontist, is a proud Invisalign provider, offering patients a more comfortable, aesthetically appealing and efficient alternative for a straighter smile.

Say no to painful wire-tightening appointments, constantly fishing food out from between your brackets, and feeling ashamed of your traditional braces. Invisalign’s much-loved clear aligners have been giving children, teenagers and adults across British Columbia a new lease on life by helping them achieve the smiles of their dreams without having to deal with mouths full of metal.

Tailor-made Aligner Trays to Take Your Smile to the Next Level

Invisalign aligners are hardly noticeable and made to fit your mouth, almost guaranteeing a comfortable treatment experience from start to finish in most cases. Our North Vancouver orthodontists take patient care to heart, which is why they will always assess your teeth and bite to find out if Invisalign is an option before resorting to braces. Our goal is to give you the smile you desire using the treatment method that will work best for your unique tooth anatomy.

Treatment time can vary depending on your mouth, but with Invisalign clear aligners, you could see stunning results in as little as six months. And with 25 years of clinical research to back the power of their products, our North Vancouver orthodontists trust the process as Invisalign aligners have helped 13 million people rediscover the beauty of their smiles.

3D-Printed Teeth-moving Tools for Your Comfort

At Lynn Valley Orthodontics and Family Dentistry, we are modernizing traditional orthodontics by offering LightForce Orthodontics technology as part of our treatment plans for patients in need of braces. Using the LightForce Orthodontics system, we can custom-design ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets to fit your unique bite and tooth structure. By replacing bulky metal brackets with 3D-printed ones that are tailor-made to suit your specific smile, your North Vancouver orthodontist can make your experience with braces more efficient and comfortable than ever before.

Braces but better

Lightforce Orthodontics

Your North Vancouver orthodontist in Lynn Valley is proud to offer LightForce Orthodontics technology for patients in search of a straighter smile. LightForce Orthodontics is revolutionizing the industry, using 3D printing technology to create fully-customized brackets, indirect bonding (IDB) trays, and buccal tubes to make traditional braces more efficient and comfortable.

About LightForce Orthodontics Technology

If you are a candidate for LightForce Orthodontics, we will use their innovative LightPlan software to digitally create your custom treatment plan. This program allows us to develop, adjust and approve a plan that is suited for your specific orthodontic needs. Using LightPlan software, our Lynn Valley orthodontists will use digital imaging to map out how your 3D-printed teeth-moving tools will guide your teeth to straighten your smile and correct your bite, depending on your treatment plan.

LightForce Orthodontics Products at Lynn Valley Orthodontics

We can also create 3D-printed IDB trays to go along with LightForce brackets when needed, as well as 3D-printed TurboTrays to assist with bite correction and custom 3D-printed buccal tubes for cases that require incisor retraction. Essentially, our Lynn Valley orthodontists have access to coveted 3D printing technology to give you the most efficient and comfortable orthodontic experience possible.


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