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Dental Hygiene Appointments & Cleaning At Your ‘Dentist Near Me’

A healthy, durable, and long-lasting smile starts with proper dental and oral hygiene. While brushing and flossing regularly is a great habit to keep up, we recommend you visit your ‘dentist near me’ here at Lynn Valley Orthodontics & Family Dentistry every six months or so for a comprehensive dental hygiene. We will provide a check-up and thorough dental cleaning so we can give your pearly whites a little extra care and attention.

What to Expect From a Dental Hygiene Appointment at your ‘Dentist Near Me’ 

Our registered dental hygienists follow a strict oral hygiene routine to make sure every tooth gets a deep clean. Your dental hygienist will use high-quality tools to remove calculus, plaque, and stains from your teeth to brighten your smile while keeping the gum line safe from harmful bacteria from food particles, saliva and stain-prone liquids like coffee and wine.

Once we’ve gotten down and dirty to remove all the pesky plaque that builds up on your teeth over time, we will use dentist-approved tooth polish to give your teeth a good buff and shine before you leave our dental clinic. Our goal is to give your teeth and gums a much-deserved spa day while protecting them from potential issues that can stem from poor dental hygiene practices.

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