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Emergency Dentistry

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? We are here to help!

Call us, your Vancouver dental clinic, at 604-629-8440 during regular office hours and we will be able to get you in to see someone immediately.

If you are calling outside of regular office hours, our voicemail greeting has the information for our 7AM – 1AM  emergency line. Call that number at any time of day or night and we will have a trained dental professionalon the line to assist you in whatever way possible.

In the unlikely event that no one picks up after two attempts, you will need to call the 123Dentist Emergency Help Line at 604-805-2500.

No matter what, we’ve got you covered!

So when you’re having emergency dental problems, what should you do?

  • Should you rush to the hospital?
  • Should you place a hot cloth on the jaw? Perhaps a cold cloth?
  • Should you take painkillers – or should you not?
  • Can a lost tooth be saved?
  • Should you put the lost tooth in the fridge? Or should it go in a glass of milk?
  • Can you eat or drink before you see the dentist?

Every situation is different, and every situation is important. Call us, Your Vancouver dental clinic, with your dental emergencies and we will take care of you

Our staff is here to help.

Easy-to-follow directions are as follows:

When to call: What number to call:
During regular business hours 604-629-8440 (our office)
Outside of regular business hours 604-629-8440 (then listen to the voicemail for the emergency contact number and call that for immediate assistance)
If unsuccessful with those attempts 604-805-2500 (123Dentist Emergency Line)

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